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Papa Don mission started in 2003 as a hip hop/urban  artist,when he set out to make his music available to the public as a street
vendor. Here he his now dropping the album ''This The Life''  Deluxe Edition.  expect to be inspire and fell good music.
There's something for everybody 20-tracklist to choose from don't lose out on this good deal! download to day.

New artist
Gunna composer is a meditation on ecology and the environment, told through deep, searching Hip Hop.


mikey baby
Mikey Baby is a flawless, hip hop/rapper and urban avnt-garde artist in the real sense of the word. His new record ''im getting money'' is divided into his lifestyle. it's a interesting thoughtful record with metaphors and is a lot of fun to listen to. His music is not only clever and entertaining to the ears, it's a great record. Coming Soon
hoodstarrecords / Papa Don  EXCLUSIVE interview
Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I’m from the alluring Oakland CA where it’s always sunny and where all the talent is at. Coming up in Oakland was never easy, there is a lot of crime but at the same time I was surrounded by a lot of talent that kept me out of a lot of trouble. I just stay focused on my music by looking at it as a job, getting money by selling my CDs on the street and online.

I started in my cousin’s basement making beats and rapping, from there I started making albums. My first album was Living Life featuring songs like Life and How It Is, Go 18, and All in the Club. Here I am now dropping my new album under my label Hoodstarrecords. My brand new album is titled This the Life.

underground rappers

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in the Bay Area.
Birthday May 2nd 1968 and so Free 2 tha Core because of it!
The age in which she proclaimed her goal...8 This was through dancing and singing.
The age when she seriously started writing...16 Prince was a heavy influence in her path. No blaming!
A large gap in the flow of her grasp,was to only take care of the children she has. Meanwhile, she still keeps up by listening and observing what not to do. 

don jamaine

Don Jamaine is a clothing brand based in California. Don Jamaine known as the legendary

name Papa Don, branch off into his own clothing line company Don Jamaine.

The name Don Jamaine,come from his first name Donald, short for Don and middle name

Jamaine. The flower dotting the I represents beauty.


His mission started in 2010 when he set out to make his designs showcases the brand's

signature style to bring it to reality.


Don Jamaine has always had a powerful vision for fashion. Offering something from anything

else, bringing skill and quality to it's art .The first generation 2016 T-shirt,beanie, sweater



Don Jamaine piece, is more than a product. So much better than another, as to be beyond

comparison, the very embodiment of beauty.To do what is appropriate for the occasion and

refined quality.


Each piece item showcases ,the brand’s signature style and unique lifestyle.

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